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Dicing Saw Refurbish FactoryYAC DAStech, Inc.

Dicing Saw Refurbish FactoryYAC DAStech, Inc.

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Privacy Policy

The Dicing Saw Refurbish Factory is a used equipment trading site that is operated and managed by YAC DAStech, Inc. (hereafter referred to as "YAC DAStech"). YAC DAStech complies with all relevant laws concerning the handling of personal information of our customers and strives to manage said information in order to ensure its protection. YAC DAStech implements the personal information protection policies outlined below and strives to make continuous improvements of said policies.

1. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

YAC DAStech may gather and use the personal information of the customers in order to offer more suitable information, to improve our services and to provide better solutions to customers. In addition, YAC DAStech may provide and entrust a third party with the personal information of customers with the express purpose to conduct data analysis, processing, and/or feedback, however said handling of personal information is conducted properly and in compliance with all relevant laws.

2. Security for Protecting Personal Information

YAC DAStech takes various measures to protect all personal information, ensures to secure management of said information and takes the utmost care in order to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, leakage (both internal and external), falsification and revision of personal information. In addition, if YAC DAStech entrusts a third party to handle personal information externally, YAC DAStech selects a third party who accepts the conditions to properly handle said information. YAC DAStech requires said third party to properly manage the information, maintain confidentiality, prohibit supplying the information to another party and prevent leakage of any customer information, etc.

3. Links to Other Sites

YAC DAStech's web site may contain links to other sites in order to offer useful information and services to our customers, however YAC DAStech is not responsible for the security and privacy practices for gathering personal information employed by said sites. Please use those sites at your own risk.