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Dicing Saw Refurbish FactoryYAC DAStech, Inc.

Dicing Saw Refurbish FactoryYAC DAStech, Inc.

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Equipment for Sale

Lots of Great Deals with Refurbished Semiconductor
Related Equipment for Sale

This is a list of used equipment that is currently for sale. The Dicing Saw Refurbish Factory lists the equipment in order according to the registration (upload) date. Click on the equipment to find out more detailed information on a particular system. There is limited stock, so please contact us as soon as possible.
The equipment listed is stored at the Dicing Saw Refurbish Factory factory, however some equipment is stored at other locations (consignment sales, etc. Check the “Site” section in the equipment detail page.)
When contacting us by telephone, please refer to the equipment you are interested in by using the 7 digit number (No. DXXXXXX) shown on the upper right side of the equipment detail page.

Latest Stock Information

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